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Prices and sizes

Below is a rough guideline to prices and sizes for a single portrait in oil, but feel free to send me your budget and that can be our starting point. Send any photos you are considering as this can help us decide the right crop, size, format and price. I aim to make something available for all budgets. There are smaller and larger sizes available.

30 x 25 cm   £350

30 x 30 cm   £375               

30 x 40 cm   £400            

40 x 50 cm   £500

50 x 50 cm   £575

60 x 45 cm   £600

70 x 50 cm   £700

If you would like a portrait of two or more people, please send me any potential photos so I can assess the level of detail, complexity and a suitable crop, i.e. head & shoulders, waist upwards or full length. I can then provide a quote for you.

Contact me for prices for drawings in charcoal or pencil.

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